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Vental type 80af has a non-roll-formed edge creating a streamlined contour of the slats.

This is ideal for a minimal stack when the outdoor blind is retracted. The (PA6) Nylon coated stainless steel wire guide allows for high wear and UV resistance making it perfect for coastal conditions. Suitable for most types of installations, Vental 80af external venetian is robust and stable when mounted close to the glazing.

Min: 650mm / Max: 5000mm
Min: 1000mm / Max: 5000mm
Area: Max: 

Guide Wires

Made from 316 Marine grade stainless steel and coated in a cut and abrasion resistant polyamide pa6 nylon. Making them ideal for coastal environments for their strength and UV resistance. Vental guide wires are tensioned via stainless steel springs and robust cast aluminium brackets for added strength.


Coated in a double stove enameled finish, with a non-roll-formed edge, creating a streamlined contour of the slats. This is ideal for a minimal stack when the blinds are retracted.


Made from extruded aluminium, designed to protect the motor and controls from the UV light and weather. Available in powdercoat finish or clear anodise.

Smart Automation - Somfy Controls

Integrate your home or office with the latest technology from Somfy. Improve the performance and energy efficiency of your Vental external Venetian blind by adding wind sensors and/or timers to operate automatically. Connect the Vental external blind to your smartphone, giving you added peace of mind no matter where you are.

Automation for blinds


Protect your Vental external blinds from storms with the Somfy wind sensor. Blinds automatically retract when the wind reaches a pre-set speed.

Blinds automation


Somfy Connexoon is the new way to communicate with your entire home. Somfy Connexoon communicates via the internet through an app on your smartphone. Allowing you to control your Vental outdoor blinds even when you're away from home or office.

Automated blinds


Control one Vental external blind at a time or all together. The handheld remote puts control into the palm of your hand. Preset timer with multiple functions allows many options for your commercial or residential project.

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